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Thursday, January 27, 2011



Order dari Aida. Devoted to her boyfriend.....far across the country.... Kira mcm cinta antara benua la ni. Firstly, this card is to wish her bf "welcome back". Since his bday is just around the corner, aida requested the card to be 2 in 1 card - Welcome back and a birthday wish. Front of the card, is his bf waving from inside of an airplane, just about to landing. Inside, tadaaaaa!!! its a suprise, "Happy 22nd Birthday Dear", Aida greets (movable) his bf at the door with a special present. Her bf is a panda lover, thus BFMI put that cute little panda inside of the gift box and noticed, it's movable too. We hope that this will be a remarkable moment and a perfect time for them to finally get together ....and this card will bridge the distance gap between them.. all this while. hmmm.....a very sweet couple;)). Thanx aida for ordering.

Movable Card (vertical)
'Welcome Back Sayang - Happy 22nd Birthday’
Kod: hb017
Warna: Navy Blue & white
Saiz: 17.7 x 14cm

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"dalam hati ada taman".......


Bila dpt order ni, hati rs tercuit sket;)....mana taknya, kwn sorg ni, a bit shy2 kucing, reserved type of person. Tp jauh di sudut hati dia....fuyyoooo....ada taman. Tp betul, if rs berat mulut nk luahkan sesuatu, malu, segan n etc, just leave it on us, lets our cards do the talking! (in other words: Mari! mari! order kad dgn BFMI;) hehehehe).
Ok la....citer hadri, Hadri order card ni utk si gadis pujaan hati. BFMI nk jgk tau sape kn..... tp x berjaya laaaa;((.....mtk pic gadis pun dia kata letak muka dia je la....what??? haha. ok fine deri. Letak muka kau ctu, so that dia akan termimpi2 kn kau....gtu? hehehe

And here is the card.......simple birthday card with movable action inside! Have a look then

(jgn lupa tgk video kt bwh ye,
just look how hadri greets her gf with that pinky yummy cake & balloons)

can u guess which one is hadri? obviously u can !!!! hahaha

Movable Card (vertical)
'Happy Birthday - Wishing u all the best on your special day’
Kod: hb016
Warna: Navy Blue
Saiz: 17.7 x 14cm

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