Jgn lupa click ya (^^,)v

Jgn lupa click ya (^^,)v

Jgn lupa click ya (^^,)v

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Salam semua....

Bulan ogos hr tu, BFMI terima order ni dari cik azilah. Azilah nak hadiahkan pd kwn baik dia, her bestfriend forever sbgai tanda mghargai pershabatan dierg. Hurm....terharu bfmi dgr. Yelah, bkn senang nk cr kawan baik dunia akhirat, dan bkn senang jgk nk jadi kwn yg baik. Btul tak? Tp kt dunia ni, sape yg x pnah ada kwn baik kn? even bestfriendsmadeit ni pun wujud, atas dasar persahabatan tau....chewwahhhh....

Bagi azilah plak....definitely she wants her bff to feel very2 special and feel blessed. So she requested a friendship theme pop-up card to describe the sweetness of their friendship;). To translate it into a card, BFMI had come out with the idea of FRIEND + SHIP. There's a friend, there's a ship....jd la friendship kn? Not just that laaa. The idea probably shows how they make it thru all the bitter and sweetness of being a friend like traveling a sail boat in the ocean.....sometimes the wave is rough and sometimes it is calm. so its depends on us on how to complete the journey with our besties.

Okla, utk akhirkn bebelan hr ini, bfmi ada 1 teka teki (ngade2 BFMI ni)

"there are big ships and small ships but what is the best ship after all??"

jengjengjeng....jwb jgn x jwb....hehehe


Pop-up card
‘Friend + Ship'
Kod: fc001
Warna: Blue
Saiz: 17.7 x 14cm

Well, ini dia azie n her bff pujah....
a wish from azilah to her friend:
we'll be friends, hopefully without end
so I just wanna say thanx....
thanx bulbul for being my friend
...............how sweeeeeeet (",)v..............

ahhaaa....ada 1 lg kisah psl azie ni....tup2 rupanya azie ni kwn kpd my cousin auni, pnah 1 sekolah dr form1 -form3. hahha....what a small world. Ok la.....all the best to you;) chaiyyokkk

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